What is tane.us?

Tane.us is a collection of pages that I add to whenever I'm feeling particularly bored or creative. It all began in the summer of 2004, when I typed the nonsense word "TANE" in frustration when I was killed in a heated Unreal Tournament 2004 match. The word caught on in my vocabulary, and soon it became the title of a song (which can be found, along with my other music, at dogpanic.com). That same summer I registered this domain name on a whim, with no idea what I was going to use it for.

I created the first tane.us front page, using a simple flash animation and midi of the tane song. It remained that way for many months, until I decided to start adding pages to it to create a long chain of mysterious, nonsensical, tane-related... things. It became an outlet for random inspiration. Some pages are inspired by songs, some are inspired by Flash programming experiments.

How did you make it?

Lots of practice with Flash and web design, I suppose. I've been working with HTML since 1998 and Flash since 2001. More recently I've been learning the many joys of PHP and MYSQL and Javascript and AJAX and all that nonsense.

Please don't ask me to tutor you in the ways of Flash or send you source code. As far as learning flash goes, I recommend reading online tutorials, and learning basic Java or C++ programming helps too. I recommend these flash tutorial sites: kirupa.com gotoandlearn.com

Will you make something for my site?

Probably not for free, but if you want to hire me, that would be great!

Check out my portfolio site here.

Wait a minute, who are you anyway?

Oh hi! I'm Brian Lee. I live in Seattle, Washington. I like programming stuff and drawing. Also video games. I draw a webcomic called The Comic Adventures of Left & Right that some people enjoy.

Internet star KC Green helped out with a few tane pages too. He is nice.


Ok you can ask them on my formspring

(blue border indicates collaboration)

Title: gl8sses

Added: February 25, 2012

Music: Metronomy - Black Eye Burnt Thumb (Toby "Radiation" Fox CHIP MIX)

Collab with: KC Green and Toby Fox. KC did the art, Toby made the remix, I put it all together and did the programming.

About: Had this 4th glasses tane planned for a really long time!!! KC decided to make some pixel arts suddenly and I asked Toby for a song and I did some PIXEL PROGRAMMIN' AND IT ALL CAME TOGETHER VERY QUICKLY!
Title: hightane

Added: December 20, 2011

Music: Siriusmo - High Together

About: Wanted to program some spinny stuff and use more cool music so a few hours of flash fiddling produced this! Amazing!!!
Title: calptane and calptane3d

Added: March 25, 2011

Music: Dog Panic - Calp

About: I made the song, felt like the middle sounded good for a TANE, wanted to mess around with some 3d projection stuff in actionscript 3 and then DID. AND THEN the next day I made it 3d!!!!
Title: spookyglasses

Added: July 23, 2010

Music: Metronomy - Black Eye Burnt Thumb (Dog Panic SPOOKY MIX)

Collab with: KC Green. KC did the art, I made the remix, put it all together and did the programming.

About: I had this CRAZY SCARY SOUNDING remix of BEBT lying around for a while so I said HEY KC LISTEN TO THIS and KC was like WHOA THIS GIVES ME INSPIRATION and then we created the tane that scares everyone away.
Title: weekend2

Added: July 16, 2010

Music: ASparagus - Twilight Gloom

About: I listened to the song and was suddenly inspired to do some more PIXEL CITY STUFF. And then I did it.
Title: glasses2

Added: January 19, 2010

Music: Black Eye/Burnt Thumb - Metronomy (Dog Panic Harpsichord Mix)

Collab with: KC Green. KC did the art, I made the remix, put it all together and did the programming.

About: The idea popped into my head while I was driving. I made the song and sent it to KC and he made the arts and A SLIGHTLY NEW TANE WAS BORN!
Title: glasses

Added: August 10, 2009

Music: Black Eye/Burnt Thumb - Metronomy

Collab with: KC Green. KC did the art and picked the music, I put it all together and did the programming.

About: KC Green sent me the art and music for this before face2, but I didn't feel like doing the programming, so I put it off. Eventually I felt like messing around with it and I had a great old time.
Title: microtane

Added: August 9, 2009

Music: Microtane - Dog Panic (aka me)

About: I actually created and uploaded this page in January 2007, but I didn't like it very much so I took it down. THEN I PUT IT BACK UP!
Title: face2

Added: July 21, 2009

Music: Miami Ice - Icy Demons

Collab with: KC Green. KC did the art and picked the music, I put it all together.

About: KC Green was like HEY DUDE I LOVE MAKIN TANES HERE'S THIS IDEA WITH COLORS! and I was like yeah I can dig it and it happened!
Title: weekend

Added: May 4, 2009

Music: The Weekend (Extended Vocal Mix) - Michael Gray

About: Got my hands on Flash CS4 and decided to force myself to figure out Actionscript 3. It was weird but ultimately successful. PS: You have to click it to the BEAT. On the QUARTER NOTES.
Title: stane

Added: May 4, 2009

Music: Calm - Chimp Beams

About: Found a CHILL SONG. Felt like doing something abstractish. It was pretty easy because I finally took some graphics programming classes OHOHOHO.
Title: sneakertane / family

Added: August 26, 2007

Music: Sneaker - Dream Line Out / the shadow - kors k

About: I was bored and I had a couple fun songs and I found a photo and played with some flash 8 stuff and made this pretty easily. THAT'S about it.
Title: silotane

Added: October 4, 2006

Music: Jingle Medley (Excerpt) - 光田康典

About: A friend sent me the song and I thought it was about time I made a cheesy melodramatic tane. Not much programming, just messing around with fun Flash 8 effects. The background picture is the Silomonger's Domain. Its history is too terrifying to write here.
Title: taen2

Added: July 3, 2006

Music: Hand Throw - Venetian Snares

About: Another page inspired by the song I used. I was listening to it and thought "That sounds like a good song to make FAST ACTION TANE to." and somehow that evolved into making an old page (see oldtane/taen below) go REALLYFAST. Glowing fun is courtesy of Flash 8 and I took the code for the little ember things from this thing that I made a while ago. Oh and Flash needs a radial blur filter so I don't have to use Photoshop. I don't know why I decided it should be six clicks to go to the next page. SECRET MYSTERY SIGNIFICANCE?
Title: squares

Added: June 22, 2006

Music: 平均律クラヴィーア曲集~第1番ハ長調 - Unknown Artist (From the beatmania remix album "The Millennium of BACH")

About: A couple days before I made this I was listening to the song on the way to work and I decided I should make a loop of the beginning and make a tane.us page for it. When I got to work I scribbled on my hand with a pen to help me remember, and it worked. I counted the beats in the song before the drums came in and there were 48, so I decided to write out TANE with 48 squares and have one appear randomly on each beat. This took a while to script and it's still not exactly on beat but I'm pretty pleased with the result. I also scripted the color changes, fireworks, and tiling fullpage background. I took the random colors code from another secret animation I've made that I have never released due to secret legal reasons. Mystery.
Title: Tane is Love / lovetane

Added: May 3, 2006

Music: 恋のテレビジョン・エイジ - Pizzicato Five

About: After another somewhat long hiatus, I was inspired to create this page by the song I used. Originally it was just going to have the man from the first picture, but that was kind of boring, So I searched google, and then my hard drive for more source pictures. They are as follows: Google Image Search guy, GIS gal, GIS guy, GIS guy, Rich Reynolds, Old Cheeseball Cowboy and Friend, fgsfds guy, Bill Cosby, toothy guy, AFP, Dandy Sakano, Burger Man, Dominic Agius & Dog, Kris "Baylow" Belau, Jon Protocol, and slafto dog. I worked for a while to make the bouncing sync up to the music, and eventually got it to work in the standalone Flash player, but then when I tried it in a browser it didn't work so well, but I gave up.
Title: slafto / dogge

Added: December 13, 2005

Music: Silent Hill 2 Dog Ending - Akira Yamaoka

About: This animation was complete except for the TANE text when I decided to make it a tane.us page. It is purely the result of playing around with the new features of Flash 8. It uses a bunch of tweening actionscript new to Flash 8, and a little script to make the slaftos scroll and make it so you can only click tane when all 4 dogs are tilted. Slafto, by the way, is another nonsense word I made up when talking to my friend Trevor Montgomery. I said to him, "Hey Slafto." and it was glorious. I forget where I found the dog photo but I love it.
Title: Scarytane

Added: October 3, 2005

Music: Cha Cha Cha - Pizzicato Five (filtered)

About: After finding this scary picture of Harriet Miers on a news site one day, I felt like animating it to make it scarier, which of course led to making it a tane page. After doing some masking, animating, and scripting work I was about to upload it when I realized it could be seen as political commentary, which it isn't at all. Seriously. So I added the barely visible "This is not political commentary" message, which doubles as a mouth closer!
Title: TaneX

Added: September 17, 2005

Music: TaneX - Dog Panic (aka me)

About: This started out with me messing around in Flash yet again. I made a little blob animation and thought it humorous, so decided to make a tane page of it. Next I made the music (which was originally a short clip and later became a full song). I added the 3 other color blobs (one for each letter) and thought for a while of a creative way to bring up the letters when you click. I remembered finding an online speak-n-spell not too long before, so I recorded the letters, and then finished off the text and border with a sketchy look. I added actionscript to make it so all 4 letters must be clicked before you can progress.
Title: cowboy

Added: September 13, 2005

Music: Prelude in B-Flat - Henry Adam Curtis

About: A couple days after I made the friends page, I was again at my friend's house with access to Photoshop, but not Flash. Also, the only music I had with me was a CD by Henry Adam Curtis (AKA Hank), a pianist I met in Hawaii over the summer. For some reason I felt like creating a tiling background in Photoshop, so I chose a pile of cheetos as my source. After a little creative blending I searched for a completely random image to add on top of that and found this delightful cowboy illustration. The hand symbolizes my approval of cowboys and cheetos and tane, I guess.
Title: friends

Added: September 11, 2005

Music: Friends Theme MIDI

About: I was pretty fond of the previous page, which is why I kept it so long, but one day I was bored and felt like making something artsy and ridiculous. I was at my friend's house, so I didn't have access to Flash. I decided to make something with photoshop and add a MIDI. I forget why I chose the Friends theme but it is pretty ridiculous and fitting. The girl power hat is an homage to Neil Cicierega's animation "Earth vs. Funk".
Title: oldtane / taen

Added: January 19, 2005

Music: Brand New Season - Cornelius

About: This page was the result of messing around in Flash. First I was playing around with curves and created the weird shape, then figured it would be neat to make that a mask over something moving, then added the music, then was trying to think of some text to add and tane was the first thing that came to mind, which led me to make it the new front page for tane.us. No actionscript involved except for the link to the previous page.
Title: tane

Added: July 28, 2004

Music: Tane MIDI - Dog Panic (aka me)

About: I made this pretty quickly as a placeholder on my newly registered tane.us domain. A few lines of actionscript to make the text vibrate and an embedded tane midi and I was set.